We have led four countywide campaigns for the Health and Human Service Levy. Most recently, in March 2016 we led the most successful campaign ever undertaken on behalf of the Health and Human Services levy winning the approval of almost 69% of the electorate.

Building on the branding and themes developed over the past three levy issues, the campaign highlighted the important services funded by the levy. For the first time, the time frame for the funding was expanded to 8 years rather than the 4 years for previous levies. We utilized the successful messaging developed in the past three Health and Human Services levies to overcome concerns about approving the levy for the longer term.

We were also faced with the challenge of an unpredictable electorate resulting from the highly contentious presidential primary and a hotly contested county prosecutor’s race. We recognized the importance of energizing the voter base and focused on developing a grassroots network that leveraged, reinforced and expanded relationships in the county’s health care and social services communities. We also developed partnerships among governmental, faith, businesses, and labor and community groups to advocate for the levy and highlight the broad range of services funded by the levy.

We targeted our messaging to address specific community needs in a robust mail, phone, social media, and network and cable campaign. The first step in the two prong campaign was to motivate voters to take advantage of vote by mail by providing them with early mailers that had two vote by mail applications attached to make it easy for voters to request a ballot. Additional mailings and a call program were also used to “chase” those who received vote by mail ballots.

Our early vote program was supplemented by an aggressive get-out-the-vote and Election Day campaign utilizing both volunteers and paid campaign workers to bring out the voters and to encourage voters to vote down the ballot to the levy, which was the last item on the ballot.