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Since 2006, we have worked for new Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish. He has built an improbable record of success as an elected official. We have provided Armond strategic advice and campaign services throughout his public career. In 2008, after only one term in the legislature, we helped Armond become Speaker of the House. This effort is remarkable because Democrats had not held a majority in the House for 16 years prior and because Armond had only a short tenure as a state representative before becoming Speaker.

After being term-limited, Budish decided to run for Cuyahoga County Executive in Ohio’s largest county. As Armond assembled his campaign team for the race, he again reached out to us for strategic guidance and media services. He overwhelmingly won a contentious primary and, in a disastrous year for Democrats in Ohio, won the general election with nearly 60% of the vote. Our media strategy and messaging captured Armond’s vision, personal, and professional qualities, leading one long-term elected official to describe the ads as, “inspiring.”